Founded in 1970, Kinetico pioneered the development of non-electric, fully automatic water treatment systems. In the years since then, we’ve grown into an international company of independent Kinetico water experts and global distributors serving more than 100 countries around the world. We offer complete water treatment systems that deliver only the highest-quality water for general and drinking use. Our approach reflects our deep commitment to preserving and conserving fresh water, one of our planet’s most valuable and endangered natural resources.

Although Kinetico has been represented in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area for many years, Kinetico officially opened our own water treatment dealership in Bolton, Ontario in 2019. Many of our regional employees are seasoned pros in the water treatment industry, and collectively, we offer decades of experience treating Toronto city water. We love water, and it shows. That’s why the number of individuals and families enjoying Kinetico water in the GTHA continues to grow, with record numbers joining our list of valued customers each year. In fact, our satisfied customers are our biggest advocates. Just ask one of them what they love about their Kinetico water softener system or other water treatment products. From Burlington to Clarington, our Kinetico customers love how we treat their water!


Our systems are powered by moving water—not electricity—so there are no electric parts to break that require costly repairs. And the high-quality water Kinetico systems produce help extend the life of your pipes, appliances, fixtures, clothing and more. Kinetico water softeners and Kinetico drinking water systems are low maintenance and designed to deliver worry-free operation for years, and all are backed by industry-leading warranties.

Unmatched Performance

For 50 years, Kinetico has taken a smarter approach to solving water problems. Our systems treat water more efficiently, effectively and economically. With more contaminant removal and no spikes in performance, you can be confident they will outperform other options available and provide you with clean, clear water for years and years. It’s why so many people around the world rely on our products. With Kinetico, every time you turn on your tap, you know you’re getting the best water—and only water.


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