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now Get Up To $1000 Costco Shopcards on a Purchase of a Water Filtration System.

Costco's Premium Exclusive Dealer For​ Home Water Treatments Since 2007.

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now Get Up To $1000 Costco Shopcards on a Purchase of a Water Filtration System.

Limited Time Only!

Kinetico is proud to be Costco’s vendor of choice since 2007 and we are excited to launch a new program for Costco members. Now you will have access to premium products at amazing prices. And since we have solutions for every budget, we can help you turn your problem water into great tasting Kinetico water!

We offer industry-leading whole home solutions that work more efficiently to deliver long-lasting comfort that’s tailored to your home and lifestyle. Your water will be soft, clear and clean and it will look, taste, and feel better. You’ll have softer skin, silkier hair, and longer-lasting clothes, fixtures and appliances. Plus, there’s no need for bottled water, so you won’t be creating plastic waste. Whether you are on a city water supply or a private well, our water experts will help you find the solution that is right for you! Click below to schedule you FREE water test today!


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What's Your Water Score? AT COSTCO WHOLESALE

Have you ever wondered what factors go into making the perfect water? At Kinetico, we have developed the Water Score which makes it easy to figure out what steps you need to take to improve your home’s water quality. A water score of 52 means spotty dishes and hard water build-up. A water score of 99 means clean dishes and protected appliances. The higher your water score, the better your water! Click here to schedule an appointment for your free water test today!

Free Water Test

Find The Best Water Softener For Your Home.

Kinetico water softeners are engineered to effectively decrease the accumulation of hard water deposits and scale buildup. Our water softeners are endorsed by the WQA through third-party certification and offer exceptional warranties. Kinetico water softeners utilize non-electric technology, eliminating the need for repairs or replacements of timers, computers, or other electrical components. Moreover, they continue to provide soft water even during power outages. Additionally, all Kinetico water softeners regenerate as needed, ensuring the production of soft water only when necessary.

Water Softener And Water Softener System

We are Toronto's Best Water Softener and Water Softener System Expert that help you to eliminate the effects of calcium and magnesium in your household water, commonly known as "hard water," with our exceptional water softening system. Our innovative solution ensures that your water not only cleans more effectively but also generates increased lather while significantly reducing the accumulation of soap scum. At Kinetico and as exclusive Costco partner, we proudly offer USA-made water softening solutions designed to cater to your family's specific requirements and financial considerations in Toronto. 

The Benefits Of Water Softeners For Your Household

Enhance Your Home with the Power of Water Softeners: Eliminating Odors and Minerals for Improved Skin, Appliance Functionality, and Water Quality

Water softeners for home use effectively eliminate unpleasant odors and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron from your water supply. By addressing these issues, you can prevent potential skin problems, safeguard the performance of your washing machine, water heater, and plumbing system, and enhance the overall color and taste of your water. Additionally, the removal of chlorine ensures the elimination of harmful vapors during hot showers, promoting a healthier bathing experience. Trust our water softeners to provide you with the perfect solution for optimal home water quality.

Why Is Soft Water Better Than Hard Water?

Here are the benefits of soft water over hard water presented :

- Enhanced cleaning efficiency: Soft water creates more lather with soap and detergent, resulting in better removal of dirt, grime, and stains.
- Gentler on skin and hair: Soft water doesn't leave residue or strip natural oils, leading to softer, smoother skin and healthier-looking hair.
- Extended appliance lifespan: Soft water prevents mineral buildup and limescale deposits, improving the performance and longevity of appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters.
In summary, soft water offers improved cleaning, gentler care for skin and hair, extended appliance life, reduced plumbing maintenance, energy savings, and enhanced water taste and odor.

Which Water Softener Is Best For Your Home?

No matter the size of your home or your water usage, Kinetico has a water softener system to meet your needs. Contact your local Kinetico water expert today to discuss your water treatment options. A Kinetico water professional will help you determine the best water softener system for your hom

Whats Your Water Score?

Base Score: 55

Click all that apply to find your water score

  • Kinetico PreFilter
  • Kinetico Dechlorination or Dechloramination System
  • Kinetico Water Softener
  • Kinetico Reverse Osmosis

Based on Greater Toronto Hamilton Area city water

We recommend speaking with a water specialist to learn more about the solutions Kinetico can provide to improve your water score.

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The Elite Costco Bundle

Experience all the benefits of the ideal whole home water treatment solution. The ELITE Costco bundle includes a pre-filter, whole-home chloramine removal system, water softener, and a reverse osmosis system. This bundle treats all the water in your home so that you can enjoy a well-hydrated life. Water that’s freed of both natural and man-made issues. Water that tastes better, works better in your plumbing and appliances, makes skin and clothes feel better and saves money and time too. Experience a life hydrated by Kinetico.

Free Water Test

Kinetico Costco Elite Bundle

City Water Solutions

We offer a variety of product bundles that can help with chlorine, chloramines, hard water build-up, and other common city water problems. With different levels of product solutions, we know there is one that is right for your home. Whether you choose the Kinetico-Costco Deluxe, Elite, or Elite Plus bundle, you will find out what it’s like to love your water! Solutions starting at less than $25 a month in addition to a Costco shop card and other member benefits! Click here to schedule your FREE in-home water analysis and find out more about this exclusive Costco member offer.

Free Water Test 

Rural/Private Well Water Solutions

Often times people don’t understand the quality of water in their private well. Fortunately, many common well water problems are easily solved. With a wide range of Kinetico products to choose from, we can fix any problem water. Knowing how to identify the problems and then understand the solutions, allows you to take action immediately and improve your water quality. Our trained water experts can assist you in diagnosing your issues and get you on track to better water. Click here to set up your appointment today!

Free Water Test

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